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Park Hours


  • Monday to Friday

    • opens at 17:00
    • closes at 23:00
  • Saturdays & Sundays

    • open at 17:00
    • close at 23:00


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Tips and Tricks

Here are a few tips to keep you ahead of the crowd and to be more prepared for your visit to our park.

  • Plan you visit

    • how to get to the park, see a Map of the area
    • what food & drinks are available
    • what time and day to visit (like Monday to Friday to avoid the crowds)
    • have a look at our Price-list
  • Read the Map

    • Get to know the area and the premises before your visit so when you arrive you’ll be ready to have fun in no time.
    • When you are hungry for a snack and ice cream or are searching for the nearest guest restroom, you’ll be glad you did your homework.
    • the better you know your way around, the faster you’ll get to places
    • While you’re at it, be sure to create a reference point on our map of Luna Park as meeting point!
    • find out where about the rides, games & foods are
  • Check out events

    • look at the Calendar for openings and other major events
    • have a look on our social pages for interesting facts
  • Be Prepared for the weather

    • Cyprus is a 95% year-around sunny island
    • • Use sun-block especially the summer season
    • Use hats and breathable clothing to cover sensitive skin
  • Beat the Crowds

    • As one of the most popular tourist attractions in Agia Napa; Parko Paliatso sure accommodates a lot of people
    • This is the case, Especially during the weekends.
    • In order to avoid long lines and waiting, you can buy your general entrance wristbands in advance either through selected resellers in the area or via our upcoming Payment Gateway online.


  • Capture the Moment

    • Our Parko Paliatso amusement park will create you and your family an everlasting memory so be sure to bring your favorite device to take pictures and videos.
  • Safety

    • Fun is nice but safety always comes first
    • This is the reason why we have employed strict rules to make sure that nobody gets hurt.
    •  We maintain the right to temporarily shut down rides when the weather not looking good or ask you to not use your electronic equipment if there is a slight chance of injuring someone in the process.


  • Learn the Rules

    • Parko Paliatso’s no#1 priority is to provide a clean and safe park experience to you and your family.
    • Review our Park Policy here so you are aware of any rules and regulations that may impact your visit.
  • Fun in Agia Napa

    • Agia Napa is a big resort with loads going on day and night throughout the summer.
    • There are shops with everything from souvenirs and beach wear to jewelry and designer label fashion.
    • You can bungee jump, ride the slingshot, ride a bucking bronco or scuba dive.
    • Go to a beach party, a pool party, a foam party, on a boat trip or a bar crawl.
    • There are hairdressers, tattooists’, beauticians and gyms, as well as dance classes and fitness instructors.
    • Agia Napa has a 14th century monastery, an ancient aqueduct, a museum and several churches.
    • There are sea caves, a national forest park area and bicycle paths.
    • Go star shaped on gorgeous beaches, soak up some nature, be a culture vulture or dance till dawn.
    • Whatever activities you’re looking for, Ayia Napa will not disappoint.